About Create Wellbeing Group

Formerly Creative Connections, Create Wellbeing Group is a professional coaching and facilitation company that is the dream and passion of lead coach, facilitator and director, Nicole McAuliffe.

Since it’s inception in 2003 Create Wellbeing Group has specialised in work/life balance coaching for executive women. Create Wellbeing Group has continued to grow and expand, and now also runs facilitated workshops and mentoring for executive women and business owners in the areas of career, personal and professional development, business development and wellness.

With over 20 years’ experience in the corporate world, Create Wellbeing Group has worked with a wide range of individuals and businesses. Some of which include:

Access Loans, Aspect Coaching, AXA, Box Hill Institute of Tafe, Commonwealth Bank, ING, Kenworth, Life Coaching Institute, Monash University, Origin Energy, PlanCost, Positive Impact, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Telstra, Time Creation Coaching, University of Melbourne, VACC, YWCA, Xplore for Success.

Our approach comes from the fields of Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry, which is essentially about “taking the best of the past, to inspire the present and create a better future” (David Cooperrider). An appreciative process has four key components:


Engaging in the articulation of strengths and best practice.

  • Sharing stories and acknowledging the journey so far
  • What inspires the individual/group, and how have they brought this inspiration to life so far?


Developing in a vision.

  • What is the big picture vision integrated with the ‘best of the past’
  • What is the individual/group strategic story


Creating ‘possibility propositions’ that magnify the already-positive core.

  • What would the individual/group look like if it were designed to maximise the qualities of the positive core and accelerate the realisation of our dreams’?
  • What is the best possible outcome the individual/group can achieve?

Destiny / Delivery

Creating the best possible future.

  • What do we need to commit to going forward to meet and achieve Big Hairy Audacious goals in the current, changing and future contexts?
  • How can we create a space where we empower one another to connect, cooperate and co-create the future?

So rather than a focus on what has/is going wrong, we approach from a perspective of ‘Who are we at our best?’ ‘What is the essence – what’s at the positive core and how do we magnify this to reach our goals’.